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The Grand is a full sized traditional canoe for two or more passengers.  Based on the classic lines of Canadian Lake boats it uses modern construction techniques and material to provide a lightweight, low maintenance heirloom of the future.
Length: 16 ’ to 18’, Beam: 36”, Weight: 50 to 60 pounds
  • Details

    The Sunburst motif which is so clearly shown on the deck is repeated on both port and starboard sides and on the bottom of the boat. Parts of this boat once towered over the California coast. They then served as a mundane picnic table and fish cleaning station for 30 years. Now reclaimed for a more noble existence they serve as the Redwood accents in this magnificent boat. The brightwork on the Sunburst is made from both Red Oak and White Oak. The center thwart serves as a carry yoke as well.
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