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About Mackinaw Watercraft

Mackinaw Watercraft is a custom boat works dedicated to creating unique treasures that enhance the outdoor experience and inspire a closer relationship to nature. Mackinaw Watercraft specializes in designing and producing custom wooden kayaks, canoes and paddles for use in both large and small waters.


The designs of these boats are inspired by many modern boat builders and by the lines of theclassic boats of the past. Moved by our location in Michigan, Mackinaw Watercraft designs are built to handle the unique rigors of our inland seas.


Owner and designer Allen Deming's boats have achived acclaim not only for their rugged lightweight performance but for their artistic beauty.  Recent reccognition by museums, galleries and world class art shows have placed Mackinaw Watercraft canoes, kayaks and paddles at the forefront of North American boat construction. You may have seen our creations on display at prestigious venues such as Grand Rapids ArtPrize 2014 and 2015 as well as The Cranbrook Fine Art Museum.


We hope this web site will inspire you begin a dialog with us.  Your custom boat or paddle is just phone call away.

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