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Huron Wherry - The Flagship

Huron Wherry - The Flagship

The Huron Wherry is a 16’ rowing boat with a sliding seat.  This boat uses stitch and glue marine plywood construction techniques for the hull.  The decks can be customized with strip-built construction or made from plywood as well.  Lightweight fun and very fast. 
The custom strip-built decks on this boat are optional.
We use the custom Piantedosi row wing in all of our rowing boat configurations.
  • Details

    Built as a custom commission we use the racing stripe motif to accent the line of the boat. The Philippine Mahogany, Basswood and Northern White Cedar decks really set this boat apart. We added bulkheads for flotation and storage. It also sports the “Rockgaurd” custom bottom for a faster, harder surface.
    The Flagship was last seen on northern Michigan's Burt Lake.
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