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Quiet Water

Quiet Water

The Pere Marquette is know throughout the world and one of the premier trout fishing rivers .  This solo boat is perfect negotiating its twists and turns.  Paddled like a kayak it is easy to work from and to climb in and out.  Throw this boat on the roof or in the back of the truck and you are gone. 
Length: 12’, Beam: 24”, Weight: 30 pounds
  • Details

    Quiet Water was commissioned for the Quiet Water Society for their grand prize raffle at the 2016 Quiet Water Symposium. Designer Allen Deming could think of nothing more iconic to the theme of quiet Water than the loon. The inlay on the fore-deck is made from Walnut, Birch and Oak. The loon on the deck has plenty of company as 22 loons paddle gently along the waterline of this vessel. The gunnels, thwart/backrest and hand carved seat are all of Cherry.
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