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The Thunder Bay – (Touring Kayak)

17 Foot Length, 24 Inch Beam, Weight 35 Pounds

This boat handles persons from 140 – 240 Pounds plus gear.

The Thunder Bay features front and rear flush mounted hatches with ample room for camping gear. This is an ideal boat for an afternoon or a week-long tour. It is light enough for a single person to load on a car-top, yet roomy enough for an extended cruise.

The Looking Glass – (Touring Kayak)

14 Foot Length, 23 Inch Beam, Weight 31 Pounds

Recommended for persons from 100 – 200 pounds

The ease of handling makes this boat a joy. Lightweight, beautiful and easy to store are all attributes that make this boat a favorite. Whether you are gliding down a stream or poking around in quiet coves, this boat will feel like it is part of you. The flush mounted rear hatch will hold enough gear for an afternoon or an overnight excursion.

The Grand – (Classic Canoe)

15 Foot Length, 33 Inch Beam, Weight 40 Pounds

The Grand is an all purpose canoe with room to spare. Its flat bottom initiating from a sharp vee bow allows for initial stability as well as directional control and superb handling. The classic high prow and stern pieces are reminiscent of the style popular 100 years ago, but the modern construction technique rewards the paddler with a lightweight craft easily handled as a solo.

The Pere Marquette – (Solo style canoe)

12 Foot Length, 24 Inch Beam, Weight 30 Pounds

The Pere Marquette is a wonderful cross between a small kayak and classic solo canoe. Light as a feather and propelled with a double bladed kayak paddle, this craft is perfect for piddling, poking, fishing or jump shooting waterfowl. Put two on top of the family car or in the back of an SUV.

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